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When are auditions for the Dance Team?
Auditions are held each fall, usually during the second week of school. Check the announcements page for updates.

What are auditions like?Dance Team Memeber
We will have a clinic day, where students can come and work on technique. This is not mandatory but highly suggested. Then we will have a day to learn the choreography. The third night we will have small-group auditions/judging.

What technical skills will I need to audition?

We are looking for hip hop and jazz dancers!

Highly Recommended:
Triple Pirouette
Fouette combinations
Full leg extension
Turns à la second
Split leap
Switch leap
Spinning disk
Toe Touch

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of some of these terms before! We will go over technique/skills at the clinic.

Can I audition if I have never taken dance lessons?
YES!! Anyone can audition. In the past gymnasts and cheerleaders have been great members of the team. If you are unsure of the required techniques, please work on these by taking some classes and honing your skills prior to auditions.

How many dancers will make up the team?
This varies from year to year – typically between 10 and 20.

Dance Team Memebers

What should I wear to audition?
Please wear clothing suitable for a dance audition. We will need to see your body contours – so no baggy pants or loose-fitting shirts. Some suggestions: dance leotard, tight jazz pants, booty shorts, tights, dance shoes, and tie/pin your hair back.

How can I prepare for the audition?
You can prepare by making sure you are in good physical condition and that you have been working on your flexibility. Coming to our pre-audition clinic will help you. You may also want to begin working with a studio instructor or past coach to help you with your skills.

Do returning members have to audition?
Yes, everyone except the captains has to audition. Currently we do allow a member of the team to be grandfathered in if they were on the team 3 full seasons in a row. This rule is subject to change from year to year.

Are there any costs associated with being on the team?
Yes. Unfortunately fundraising and budget allotments do not always allow for all the things needed to be on the team. You will need to purchase black jazz booties, black tights, large stud earrings (same for everyone on the team), fake eyelashes, team warm-ups, and the costume for competition (price based on costume decided on later). This list is subject to change. Plan for our trip to Florida in April for competition.  All costs will be estimated for you at the beginning of the season.

Try outs are held every year with no fees required to
participate. Dance members are selectively chosen and are
encouraged to attend off season practices and conditioning.

What to bring to the tryouts:

1. Dance shoes and attire
2. Water
3. Do not wear watches, rings or jewelry other than stud/post earrings.